11 NFTs to remember for Halloween

11 NFTs to remember for Halloween

Benzinga’s ‘Roadmap’ Plan Talks About These 11 NFT Projects You Should Consider Ahead of Halloween

The plan analyzes projects that might be considered for the show’s most recent Christmas-themed project, which could see a bigger boost in the holiday look ahead. . . .

Dizzy Dragon
Dizzy Dragons is not a Halloween item. The Dragon NFT project releases Dizzy Demons, which will be revealed this holiday season. Fused Dizzy Dragon owners will get one for free, and Dizzy Dragon owners will be able to get a 50% discount on Dizzy Demon’s Coin Pass.

Nah replaces bone
Nah Fungible Bones was released in September and contains animated NFTs with bones. “I’m a fan of this work,” said Maz, co-host of The Roadmap. “The animation is very creative.”

Spicy Pumpkin
Spicy Pumpkins shows a corpse with a pumpkin head. Launched in September, it recently announced NFTs.

An August item called Spookies features ghosts and is cheaper than some of the other items on the show. “They fit the Halloween theme,” Maz said. Some of the ghosts are golden and many are holding objects, some of them holding bats.

Governor Pound
The Doge Pound NFT project has a loyal community and has been one of the most successful projects on the “roadmap”. Everyone who owns an NFT Doge Pound will receive free Doge Pound Puppy minting. The minimum price of these two NFTs is 3.3 ETH Ethereum

and 0.6 ETH, respectively.

Owners of at least one of each project will be able to mint a Halloween-themed Doge Pound NFT. The show’s host noted that the number of projects could be smaller given the mintage requirements.

According to the showrunner, a 10,000 “undead NFT” project called Deadfellaz could be a good PFP for Halloween. “They fit the theme,” Maz pointed out, calling them very Halloween-inspired. The show’s co-host Chris Katje said the higher minimum price and its artwork make it a potential PFP for Halloween compared to other lower-cost projects.

sneaky vampire group
Sneaky Vampire Syndicate was released in early September and received a huge boost upon launch. The project features work by a former artist of the NFT series Boring Ape Yacht Club. This artwork reminds Katje of “Hotel Transylvania”. The host noted the project’s popularity, lowest price and Halloween theme.

0x Vampire Project
Another vampire-themed project is the 0xVampire Project, which was launched last month. The project has a side profile and is dubbed “0n1-esque” by Maz. Both hosts thought the project was fun and could be a PFP game for Halloween.

​Monster recovery
Monster Rehab is an “old” project dating back to July that features a variety of monsters, including zombies, vampires, and werewolves. The project’s floor price hovered around 0.02 ETH for a while. The team behind the project is showing Monster Rehab 2.0, which may be the perfect time before Halloween.

​Smart Girl​
Smart Girl has 5,555 colorful heads of birds of prey. The project released Smart Ghoul, a spin-off of the original project, on October 15. Presenters were impressed with artwork and NFTs by Pennywise, Jason, Chucky, and Freddy Krueger to fit the Halloween theme.

Launched in early October, Ethereals is a ghostly avatar project with 12,345 NFTs. The minimum price of the project is 0.0678 ETH. “There’s a better casting time than October for a Halloween theme,” Katje noted.​

Benzinga’s ‘Roadmap’ Plan Talks About These 11 NFT Projects You Should Consider Ahead of Halloween

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