The crypto item indicates when to buy and sell

The crypto item indicates when to buy and sell

The next crypto project could let investors know when to buy or sell

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As cryptocurrencies mature, thousands of investors continue to enter the fray. Just three years ago, the combined market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies was around $230 billion. Today, that number has risen to more than $1.9 trillion.

The hype surrounding the market is palpable and has woven into pop culture as celebrities and executives jump headfirst into it. CEO of Tesla Inc.
Elon Musk adopts the unofficial title of Dogfather, boosting the price of Dogecoin

Use tweets. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Block Inc.

and founder of Twitter Inc.
, sold its first tweet as a non-fungible token (NFT) for $2.9 million.

Much of this excitement comes from the possibility of huge returns on investments. Everyone wants to find the next Bitcoin​

Or Ethereum (ETH). One can make a lot of money in the market. But the truth is, you can also lose a lot.

Crypto markets are volatile, with patterns emerging as boom and bust cycles unfold over the years. For example, BTC usually appreciates significantly after the mining halving. An uptrend occurs as the market adjusts to the increase in scarcity.

Traditionally, this zero-sum game meant that for every person who benefited from a bull market, one lost. Is there a way to avoid this? Is zero sum the only option?

Seasonal Token is a new crypto project that aims to create an ecosystem that benefits everyone. The tokens Summer (SUMMER), Autumn ( Autumn), Winter (WINTER) and Spring (SPRING) are designed to behave like seasonal products. Their value predictably increases one after the other.

The project believes that this will allow investors to continuously increase the total amount of tokens they own, always buying low and selling high.

This behavior is controlled by the mining difficulty of each coin. Following a fixed pattern, each of them will be harder to extract, and by doing so, projects can affect the supply-demand balance.

The project will also reward liquidity providers so that they can still profit from “out of season” coins. This is the other side of the equation, which the project believes will make it beneficial to everyone involved, a non-zero-sum game.

The next crypto project could let investors know when to buy or sell

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